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What makes BTS’ Permission to Dance an anthem of Hope?

by Clyde Ericson H. Nolasco

video and screenshot from Hybe Labels Youtube Channel

With the inspiration of St. Ignatius of Loyola, who taught us to find God in all things, we do our best to find and encounter Jesus in everything, even in K-pop music.

K-pop music is not new to my ears.

Pre-pandemic, even years before lockdown, my students would encourage me to listen to BTS, Blackpink, Momoland and Twice to name a few. They would always find ways to mention their favorite groups or their “biases” during recitation especially when asked, “Who inspires you?”

I have also heard of the early generation groups like 2NE1, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, Girls Generation and Big Bang. They were dominating the hit charts during their era.

And as I did with the K-drama years ago, I shrugged off the idea of listening to music that I can't understand. That’s actually how I casually reasoned back then.

If not Ben&Ben, Carousel Casualties or Ransom Collective, I listen to .Fun, Lany and the like. Until the pandemic happened.