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Dominus Est host Fr. Kevin Joshua Cosme shares to us timely facts

about our faith so that we can collect this knowledge and FLEX OUR FAITH!!!

Watch the Episode 1 with Bro. Kevin Joshua Cosme as he explains the significance of Easter Eggs this Easter Season.

Let’s FLEX OUR FATIH as we listen to Rev. Kevin Joshua Cosme and find out who the HOLY SPIRIT is. 

Let's watch Rev. Kevin Joshua Cosme as he shares about the Body of Christ as we celebrate the Corpus Christi Sunday and as we FLEX OUR FAIH.

Let's know more about St. John the Baptist as we celebrate his birthday. Watch the Episode 4 of FLEX OUR FAITH with Rev. Kevin Joshua Cosme.

As we celebrate the Assumption of Mary, let us answer the question: Did Mary die before she was assumed into heaven? Watch the Episode 5.

The Holy Cross: Why does Christianity exalt an instrument of torture?

We answer this question in Episode 6.

Let us get to know why she is named such and why we should pray the Rosary everyday, especially in this month of the Rosary.

Should Catholics observe HALLOWEEN? Is it a Catholic celebration?

Let us learn more about HALLOWEEN in Episode 8.

“Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!” Let us watch Flex our Faith Episode 9 as we continue to proclaim Christ as our King.

The Immaculate Conception, a title of Mary revered in our Church. Let us know the significance of this solemnity as we watch Episode 10.

Are you attending the Simbang Gabi? Will your wish be granted if you complete the nine days? Let us know the answer in Episode 11.

Merry Christmas to all! BUT was Jesus really born on December 25?

Get to know the answer in Episode 12

Watch Rev Kevin Joshua Cosme in Episode 13 and learn what makes Mary the Mother of God, the THEOTOKOS.

As we enter another liturgical season, let's discover what LENT is and what it is not. Watch Episode 14!

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