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The Power of the Holy Spirit | Fr. Jason Laguerta

Each day, we tried to meditate on a Word from the Scriptures hoping to complete the 50 Words of Hope in our journey from Easter to Pentecost. Thank you for being with us in this pilgrimage through the Book of the Acts of the Apostles and the Gospel of John. But it was not meant to be so. I got stuck in Guam because of the super typhoon Mawar. I was not able to complete the 50 Words of Hope.

Pentecost Sunday at Dulce Nombre De Maria Cathedral-Basilica (Guam Cathedral) with Msgr. James Benavente, Fr. jason Laguerta (Homilist) and Fr. Jun Sescon

Here are some of my realizations as I wait here in Guam for the opening of the airport and hoping to get a ticket to return home.

Lesson 1: Humility. No one is, indeed, indispensable. Thanks to Fr. Danichi and other guest priests, we still have our Masses and other services of the parish especially our Isang Kanin, Isang Ulam Feeding Program for the unsheltered.

Lesson 2: Humility. What originally was a three day visit to Guam to attend the Silver Presbyteral Ordination Anniversary of a classmate in the seminary, Fr. Val Rodriguez, is now turning to be longer than expected. We all have our plans in life. But the Lord may have other plans for us. We can resist in the beginning. But we have to accept reality in the end. All the time, with patience and trust in the Lord.

Lesson 3: Humility. We can never really boast of anything except the grace and providence of God. As the super typhoon Mawar ravaged Guam and as we were bravely enduring the howling winds, screeching sounds, and swaying buildings, we can only pray, “Lord, have mercy.” Time and again, we face our mortality and helplessness before the forces of nature and the enormous chaos around us.

Pentecost Sunday clearly reminds us that there is only one power above any power or force in the universe. He is the only power that can overcome all our fears and doubts. He comes in the form of a strong driving wind, in tongues as of fire, in a breath that gives peace. He is the Holy Spirit.

Brothers and sisters, on the 50th day of our journey, our 50th Word is the Holy Spirit (Hagio Pneuma), the Lord, the Giver of life, the Advocate, the Love of the Father and the Son. Happy Pentecost Sunday to all of us.

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