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The Holy Spirit: The Loving Sigh of God

by Fr. Kevin Joshua B. Cosme

Today is the great feast of Pentecost, which commemorates the momentous event in the Acts of the Apostles when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples, giving birth to the Church.

Photo from Dominican Friars England and Wales Scotland

This day is special because it is one of the few liturgical feasts relating to the Holy Spirit.

To try to understand Him, consider this. You know when you’re in the presence of your special other, sometimes you just look at them and go *loving sigh*?

That’s deep love! And that’s exactly what the Spirit is.

He is the deep sigh of love shared by the Father and the Son.

God is love, meaning in God there is a lover (the Father), a loved one (the Son), and shared love, that loving “sigh” who is the Holy Spirit. That “breath”, that loving “sigh” of God comes down mightily on the apostles in the form of a strong wind and tongues of fire.

Pentecost is like God’s big “I love you” to the Church and to the world.

So don’t be thinking that Jesus left us after his Ascension last Sunday.

Si Jesus, hindi marunong mang-iwan. He is still with us because His Spirit is with us, and where the Spirit is, there is the Father, and there is Jesus.

Today is the last day of the Easter season.

We go out tomorrow, when Ordinary Time begins, filled with the Holy Spirit, with the very life and breath and love of God Himself.

Flex our Faith Episode 2: The Holy Spirit | Aired on May 23, 2021

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