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Reynaldo Cruz: Missionary of Grace

I started working in the printing office of San Carlos Seminary (SCS) year 1995. After two years, I was then transferred in the SCS Library, which of now I am the Head Librarian. Being on a wheelchair is not easy. It’s quite difficult in finishing studies and finding a job. Fortunately for me, I met the right people at the right time in my life who helped me along the way.

In my 20 years in the seminary, I realized that there is no single word to describe what a seminary should be. In the seminary formation you could see the kind of faith and sturdiness these people have. I had to admit, I thought I have a vocation too that’s why I took up Philosophy. But then, there are physical requirements. But being here leads me to further know more about my faith. To take it where I could take it as far as I can being in the limited state that I am. The people in the seminary contributed to my faith, witnessing their struggles and efforts, I realized that faith in the Lord helped them to continue and more importantly His grace.

In their own way they have enriched my life, and I, on the other hand, impart my own struggles. As a lay person, my struggles are evident like going up a stairs or transportation. Do I struggle in my faith? Oh yes. Questions like, in my youth, why did this happen to me? Why me? Why not them? But I have to set those things aside because I need to realize that I’m alive, I’m breathing and working. Those are GRACES. Those are GIFTS… what we have.

Missionary of Grace

Here in the library, I tried to provide the seminarians all that they need: books, academic materials they need, assistance they need, and advises. My mission here in the seminary is to provide guidance especially to the seminarians, because after all, I did aspire to become a priest.

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