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John Carlo David: Missionary Disciple

I am now serving as the acting Campus Minister of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, under the Missionary Disciples of the Office of New Evangelization

I have been part of this since I was a student. I joined the Campus Ministry Office in 2015 and I was touched. It helped deepen my faith through constant encounters with God. I also discovered who I am through encounters with the people around me.

I chose to be a Missionary Disciple because I want to work for a bigger purpose, aside from my work. The students of PUP come from the peripheries around the country so we are able to help students discover themselves and deepen their faith while the school helps them in terms of academics.

Being a missionary is not easy and will not be easy. There will be voices that will try to stop you but if you listen to the voice of the Shepherd you will not be lost. There will be joys and pains but God will always be there for you.

Missionary Discipleship

Missionary Discipleship is the face of the Church. The Catholic Church is bound by the love of God, through which we accompany each other, deepening our faith while getting to know ourselves in our encounters with our brothers and sisters.

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