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Allendale Lasibal: Missionary Disciple

"I am a happy Missionary Disciple serving my fellow youths in Polytechnic University of the Philippines Campus Ministry and youths around Sta. Mesa Area. Helping my community in Campus and outside the campus to make an environment that will create a relational ministry, forming students as disciples of Jesus through a good encounter.

"While I was in college, I felt so alone because I am away from my family. God is so gracious for giving me a community, a new family where I felt His love and care. After graduating from PUP last May 2019, I decided to commit myself into mission life. I joined the Missionary Discipleship Program of Archdiocese of Manila. My encounter with my fellow missionaries motivates me to continue the mission of Christ. I wanted to share the love that I received in my PUP Campus Ministry community to other people especially those who are in the peripheries."

Missionary Discipleship "Missionary Discipleship is creating experience and memory, an encounter with Jesus. It is a journey of accompaniment, an avenue to share your encounter with Him, being a vessel of His love and grace. Missionary Discipleship is a process of transforming one's heart to partake in Christ's mission and to create a good environment of encounter."

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