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NUNCIO: Catholic Filipinos Beautiful Witnesses of Faith

y Joel V. Ocampo

Photos from Pamati - Archdiocese of Capiz

Before the bestowal ceremonies and the thanksgiving mass of Cardinal Advincula concluded, His Excellency Most Rev. Charles John Brown, D.D., Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines delivered his message.

He told the people of God in Capiz that Pope Francis has a deep and abiding love for the Filipino people; and the fact that he chose their archbishop to be a cardinal, to be in that select group of papal advisers, and papal electors: the ones who will elect the next Holy Father, the fact that he has chosen their beloved archbishop Cardinal Advincula for this honor, reflects the great love that Pope Francis has for the Filipino people and for the Filipino church.

He also told the people that the beautiful scarlet, color red that the cardinals wear is a reminder that red is a symbol of blood. That the cardinal is asked to be faithful, even to the shedding of his blood. Therefore, the red of the cardinal is a sign of martyrdom, a sign of witness. Because that is what martyrdom means: to be a witness. He continued, “Cardinals are called in a special way to be a witness even to the shedding of their blood.”

He also reminded the faithful that “All of us are called to be witnesses to our Catholic faith