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Cebu Archbishop Palma: Vaccination is an Act of 'Amping', Caring

by Margaux Salcedo

homily transcription by Joel Vasquez Ocampo

​Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma presided over Holy Mass from the Pontificio Collegio Filippino in Rome on ​Sunday, August 29, sharing that he had not held mass there since he was a student priest 38 years ago.

"It's nice to be back at the Collegio Filippino. I was here 38 years ago when I was a student priest and to come back again even at the time of COVID is a privilege," the Cebu Archbishop said after being introduced by Fr. Gregory Gaston, Rector of the Pontificio Collegio Filippino

GET VACCINATED IS AN ACT OF AMPING In his homily, Archbishop Palma reiterated the Pope's call for everyone to get vaccinated.

He also stressed that those who are trying to discourage vaccination should not use the pulpit as a platform. "If you want to talk about your doubt about vaccination, talk about it somewhere else, not (on) the pulpit. Because even the Holy Father mentioned about vaccination as an expression of charity," His Excellency said.

He added that getting vaccinated is an act of 'amping' or caring. "We (Cebuanos) say 'amping', which is a way of saying 'to take care'. (When COVID was at its height), we encouraged people to really wear a face mask or face shield and then the social distancing, of course, handwashing, and today, vaccination... (Because) you care for others, you care for yourself,