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Valentine's Day

by Fr. Kevin Joshua Cosme

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day of love and courtship and maybe sadness or envy for single people everywhere. The saint the day is known for, Valentine, died in the 3rd century, during the Roman persecution of the Church. While there is a lack of reliable historical records about him, the Church still reveres him as a saint and martyr.

How did this martyr’s memorial turn into a day for lovers? In Medieval times, there was a common belief in France and England that birds would come together on this saint’s feast day looking for their mate, and people apparently thought to follow suit. Today, couples come together on Valentine’s Day to spend a romantic afternoon or evening with each other, or at least hope to find that special other they can do this with. And speaking of this, we return to our original question:

Masama bang humingi ng sign kay Lord para malaman kung siya na?

First of all, it is not wrong to ask God for a sign for anything. It is not “tempting God” but asking Him to manifest His will to us, which is always the right disposition for us Christians. God Himself tells King Ahaz through the prophet Nathan to ask for a sign, which he refuses to do in a show of false piety. God gives him a sign anyway, that a virgin shall conceive and bear a son that will be called Emmanuel, meaning “God is with us”. The signs God gives always assure us of His closeness!

Is that boy or girl the one for you? Ask for a sign from God! But be prepared for the answer, because it may not be what you expect. If that person leads you closer to God and makes you a better person overall; kung magaan yung loob mo sa kaniya, and you have peace in your heart - those are good signs that this is the one! On the other hand, if this person leads you away from God and encourages you to do bad things; kung feel mo na parang may mali pag kasama mo siya and you are not at peace, then that is a bad sign, and you should probably keep looking!

Remember, like with Ahaz, the signs of God always point to His closeness to us. Whatever or whoever brings us closer to God is evidently from God. Whatever or whoever takes us away from God… well, you be the judge of that. So ask away! Be open to the Lord’s will. It is always for the best.

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