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St. Jaime Hilario School-De La Salle

...a Lasallian School by the Sea

by Ma. Baby Renz Catarining

A Lasallian co-educational primary and secondary school by the sea ... located in Bagac, Bataan. This is St. Jaime Hilario School, the 16th school of De La Salle Philippines, opened by the De La Salle Brothers in 2006. Through the leadership of Br. Edmundo Fernandez FSC, St. Jaime Hilario School De La Salle Bataan, formerly known as Jaime Hilario Integrated School – La Salle, opened on June 14, 2006. Bishop Socrates Villegas of Balanga, Bataan, blessed the school.

It was originally meant to cater to the farming and fishing community of the municipality. Br. Bernard Oca FSC and Br. Manny Sia FSC each handled one section, along with lay teacher, Mr. Alan Paul Avelino.

St Jaime Hilario School, which features a school chapel, sports facilities, and modern classrooms, is now on it’s 10th year, offering complete K-12 basic education program, with integrated Eco-Tourism and Culinary Studies.

Education: A Legacy

I am Ma. Baby Renz Catarining. My mother is housewife and my father works as a plumber, farmer and fisherman. Our family is struggling financially but my parents have been doing their best to provide the things that we need to be able to study.

My father was not able to finish high school because he had to work when he was young to be able to support the needs of his younger siblings. My mother was able to go to college yet she was not able to finish her studies because of financial challenges.

Because of their experiences with hardship, my parents always tell us to dream and to keep moving forward towards our dreams.

My father would always remind me: "Study well because your education is the only legacy we can give you."

I am now 18 years old and through all these years, my life has been filled with dreams and support from my parents who never stopped supporting and encouraging us.

Grateful Scholar

I am currently a student at St. Jaime Hilario School-De La Salle Bataan.

St. Jaime Hilario School is a La Salle school located in Bagac, Bataan, a small coastal town, 150km west of Manila. It was established by the La Salle Brothers in 2006 through the invitation of Bishop Soc Villegas, former Bishop of Balanga. The school's mission is to provide quality Catholic Lasallian education to the young people of Bataan, especially those coming from poor families.

I have been studying in this school for 12 years already, from Grade 1 to be exact. Since Grade 1, the school supported me through scholarships given by the La Salle Brothers. Then one day when I was in Grade 7, I was told to go to school on a weekend for an interview for a scholarship from a generous donor to select students of our school. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the scholars of this benefactor. I am grateful to this school that has molded me and given me the chance to study through my scholarships for the past 12 years.

The Ability to Dream and Give Back

Now that I am about to finish my studies at St. Jaime Hilario School, I have started to ask myself again: what do I dream for myself and for the school that has always been there to help me? I want to be a doctor who can take care of children in need. I want to be of help to children because I was unconditionally loved by my family and my second family, De La Salle Bataan. I also dream to go back to the school where that developed me as a student, a citizen, and a Christian, and hopefully be able to give back and repay the generosity that they have given me.

Thank you very much La Salle, the La Salle Brothers, teachers, and benefactors for the great gift of education.

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