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SEMD Sisters hold Fifth Asian Mission at the Shrine of Holy Face, Nampicuan

On February 11-13, seventy-one young people from the Philippines, Korea and Japan gathered at the Shrine of the Holy Face, Nampicuan, Nueva Ecija for the Fifth Asian Mission organized by the sisters of the Servants of the Gospel of God’s Mercy (SEMD).

Asian Mission

The participating youth enjoyed the weekend through talks, camping, group sharings, showcase of talents and prayer moments together. But the highlight of the event was their immersion in the families of the local barangay. The groups spent time with different families sharing stories and playing with the children in the area.

Participants in the event included 11 South Koreans, 10 Japanese and 50 Filipinos from Nampicuan, Nueva Ecija and Malasiqui, Pangasinan. The theme for this year was, “Made for a mission, Made for Great Things." The weekend proved that these youth participants may be raised from different cultures but were gathered for one mission: to bring Jesus to each person they encounter.

Servants of the Gospel of God's Mercy

The Servants of the Gospel of God's Mercy or Servidores del Evangelio de la Misericordia de Dios (SEMD) is a congregation of priests, sisters and the laity that hopes to transform hearts through formation and pastoral works.

Though their mission is addressed to different sectors such as the families, adults and children, these missionaries focus on the youth as they are the future of the Church and the society. Their evangelization programs are tailor fit for the youth to inspire them to be missionaries to other young people.

The congregation was approved on September 27, 2002 through the leadership of the Bishop of Münster, Msgr. Reinhardt Lettmann in Germany. Today, the congregation is present in 15 countries.

Photos from Servant Missionary Youth Facebook page and Romel Aquino

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