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Live Pure Movement prepares for Conference 2023

In this new world of YOLO (“You Only Live Once”) culture and “cancel culture” as the answer to man’s deepest longings, there is the Live Pure Movement which provides an alternative path for motivation and happiness.

Purity of Mind, Eyes, Speech, and Body

The Live Pure Movement seeks to reach out to young people to encourage them to strive for purity of mind, eyes, speech, and body. The group promotes a life that embraces chastity as the sure way to happiness by inspiring young people to live out the value of human dignity and fraternal relationships.

As a way of gathering young people, specially those who have heard the sessions of live pure, the movement started its annual Live Pure Conference in 2012 with the theme of Real Freedom, Total Happiness and True Love. By 2016, the Live Pure crowd grew to over 10,000 young people.

Now more than ever, the movement seeks to inspire people to actively participate in spreading the message of chastity and true love.

Live Pure Conference 2023

The Live Pure Conference 2023 will be on October 14, 2023, Saturday, at the Ynares Pasig Sports Arena. Tickets are available for Php 500.

A lot of activities await you as we prepare for the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist, Youth Fair, plus a surprise artist.

You can avail your ticket by registering on our website at For more details follow us at

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