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Faces of Faith: China Salvo

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

I am China Salvo, member of the Persons with Disability (PWD) Ministry of Nuestra Señora de Gracia, Makati City. I am 27 years old and works at FSL-BT (Filipino Sign Language Bible Translation). In my work, I interpret the bible readings in front of the camera and then share and show it with other deaf about the bible readings. I started to join here in the ministry around 2008-2010. I do interpret the Gospel, First and Second Readings, and then the Prayers of the Faithful. Also the Our Father for them to copy the sign. After the Mass, we have catechesis. And then we share about our lives and our connection with God.

My faith grows here in the ministry through the preaching of the priests, sharing the Gospel little by little, my faith and my connection to God grows. Also in helping other PWDs and in serving God. I did volunteer and experienced PWD Day at Don Bosco Parish. I experienced to be a clown and made people happy. I was the only deaf that time but I was able to do it and make children happy. The kids were so happy, they were smiling and dancing. We were communicating, acting, showing smiles, happy and dancing. I volunteered twice.

In my family, my brother (also a PWD) stays at home. He does not go to mass or stroll. He is always in our house. My father is always working. My mother also stays in our house taking care of my brother. I’m the only one who goes to mass. But I always encourage them. We were happy and not sad, and always hope that God will bless us. Sometimes, we all go to church during Wednesday night. But during Sundays, I go here because it has an interpreter. Because some parish have no interpreter.

I also encourage others to know more about God and share it with my friends. To my friends that do not know God, I encourage them, and share little by little not fast, I share God to them until they grow their knowledge about Him.

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