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Updated: Jan 1

by Kat Galdo Diaz


We often use this, especially online when we acquire something and defend it as “DASURV KO TO!” (Deserve ko to)

And actually, we really deserve a lot of things, given the perseverance we do everyday, the sacrifice and hardships. Sure, we deserve a new phone, new pair of shoes, even a good meal! But along the line of deserving all these material things, have we thanked the giver? The reason why we actually deserve our wants?

How many DASURV KO TO posts actually point to God?

Have we thought at the very least that He also deserves something – to be recognized and be thanked upon for all He has given!

Come to think of it, if He did not give us the gift of perseverance, the gift of talent, perhaps we cannot do anything to deserve anything.

Have we thanked God with all sincerity? When was the last time we recognized that all are His doing, not ours?

“Sa buhay natin hindi maiiwasan ang krisis,

tinuturuan tayo ni San Jose na magtiwala,

kumilos at sundin ang kalooban ng Diyos.”

Msgr. Rolly dela Cruz (Day 3 Simbang Gabi reflection)

This Christmas, I had the chance to ponder on how life has been lately. With His grace I was able to receive the sacrament of confession to complete my Christmas journey and share a bit of how it affected me.

The author with her family during Christmas season 2023 | Photo: Kat Galdo Diaz TV Maria Dominus Est
The author with her family Christmas season 2023 | Photo: Kat Galdo Diaz

The grace of God is truly outpouring: Just when I thought that I was losing track of my goals and plans in life, and that I don’t deserve anything, I was reminded to keep on going, to be true and God will give more than what I deserve.

“Ang mga simpleng kagustuhan natin,

kaya ibigay ng Diyos, higit pa sa inaasahan natin.”

Fr. Viel Bautista (Day 4 Simbang Gabi reflection)

Then the sense of clarity as to why I am here, why I am doing this, and who I would turn out to be suddenly made sense.

Somehow everything seems to be connected. I just have to accept that everything is a process, everything has a reason.

At one point, my confessor even said that it is good that I am struggling; it is also an exercise of faith. I may not understand it now but soon it will fall into place according to His plan.

Maybe i deserve the trials because God is making me stronger.

Deserving something doesn't always have to be as a reward type of thing. Sometimes we also deserve things that will make us cry, make us fall on our knees. Only then it will make us better and stronger.

The sense of fulfillment will only make sense if we struggle first then embrace the reward later.

“By listening to the plan of God,

we will discover that God is in control

and when we listen, we will be able to trust

and surrender everything to the Lord.”

Fr. Aidan Zaballero, LRMS

(Day 5 Simbang Gabi reflection)

At the end of the day, the real question is: Have we done enough to deserve His undying love?

Hopefully we don't start and end our days pushing our wants and goals alone. Let us be reminded of Him being our Emmanuel: God is with us.

Truly, He is with us in every hardship, every victory! Just trust and have faith.

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