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Diocese of Cubao Joins Call for Time-Out: No Masses August 3-14

by Marie Vargas

The Diocese of Cubao has joined the Archdiocese of Manila in responding to the call of medical workers for a "time-out" of two weeks and will likewise suspend all public masses from August 3 to 14.

The announcement from Bishop Honesto Ongtioco dated August 2 states that the Diocese of Cubao "is suspending public liturgical services in all its parishes."

Bishop Ongtioco said that the "urgent appeal of the medical front-liners for a 'time-out'" is concerning and assured the medical community that "the Diocese of Cubao is listening and will act on their call".

Online masses and online religious activities in the parishes of Cubao will continue and can be viewed on their Facebook page:

Read the full announcement from Bishop Ongtioco below:

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