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A Different Kind of Christmas

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

by April S. Campeña

When -BER Months Start

Some say that Filipinos have the longest Christmas celebration. This begins at the start of the -ber month, September. We start to see parols being made, colorful lights and lanterns are put up along different streets and houses. Families also bring out their Christmas trees and decorations from their storage. Christmas lists are prepared especially for those who wish to give some presents for their godchildren or inaanak. We, Filipinos, like being prepared for this season– blocking some dates for get togethers, looking for venues to set our Christmas parties, organizing company gatherings, thinking of themes for Kris Kringle and more. Around this time, some Christmas carols are already being played, especially the famous song of Mr. Jose Mari Chan – Christmas in our Hearts. Choir groups also start to make a set list of Christmas songs and practice for their caroling.

Lights & Smiles | A colorful 2019 Christmas Party with the Grade School Unit and the rest of the Scholastican community.

However, not all of these have been done since September started. This pandemi