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Vic Kevin Ferrer is preparing to become a deacon in the Diocese of San Jose Nueva Ecija. 


He dreamed of becoming a priest since he was 5. He took up Political Science in college but still ended in the seminary. 


An environmentalist at heart, he is embarking on a mission to make the world a better place by being the first one to love. 

I want this column to touch hearts. I want to speak about love and how it can be found in everyday life, in the Church and in the society, in culture and in all creation. Mother Teresa often said, “where there is love there is God.” To love is to have an open heart and to open one’s heart is to allow it to be wounded, to die to self. That’s the hard truth- an open heart is a wounded heart. Only an open heart can let the full extent of the love of God to enter and overflow for others.  We must go on living with an open heart.

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