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Finding the Truth In a World of Fake News

by. Bro. Ryan Jamemar Belono-ac

November 1, 2019

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Modern technology has endowed us with many avenues to express ourselves and to discover answers.

With Google, everything is at our fingertips. From the most basic to the most complex questions, Google provides an answer. When you want to watch movies or read books, Google has it! When you want to know the latest fashion trends, Google shows it! When you are craving for milk tea, Google knows where to find one! Even those who are looking for relationships, it’s just one click away with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger!

Every day, the Internet bombards us with so much information.

Everyone now has the power to express their own sentiments over social media and everyone claims that they possess the truth. However, not all this information is true or telling the truth. Fake News has become the term for disinformation, propaganda, and distortion of the truth.

However, Fake News is not unique to our own age and era.

In his message for World Communication Day in 2018, Pope Francis said that Fake News was the strategy employed by the ‘crafty serpent”, who delivered the first ever Fake News in history.

Many have been victims of fake news. From ordinary individuals to prominent personalities. Even Jesus himself was victim of fake news.

Yet the darkness of lies and false accusations did not extinguish the light of truth. Even in the darkest moment of Jesus’ interrogation with his accusers, the light of truth still shined.

The Truth cannot be overshadowed with the ugliness of the cross, which was used as a symbol of sin and death. Through Jesus Christ, the cross became a beacon of truth, hope and salvation for all. Death itself did not capture and silence the truth. Instead, the truth liberated us from the clutches of death.

The death of Jesus on the Cross made a terrifying impact among those who were close to him. The disciples were so afraid, disillusioned, afraid and hopeless. Their hope vanished and their faith was shaken. Yet their encounter with the Risen Lord turned their sorrow to joy, their mourning into laughter, their fear into courage.

After the Ascension of Jesus, he sent the Holy Spirit to his disciples. These disciples were being sent to the ends of the earth to proclaim the Good News. They proclaimed the truth.

Thus, the early Christian communities were being formed. The early Christians grew in number. More and more were added to the number of believers.

Throughout the years the community of believers were constantly victimized by false teachings and fake news. As a consequence, they suffered and persecuted. Yet they remained steadfast. These Christians became true witnesses. Their martyrdom has been the testimony of the Truth that they found in Jesus Christ. As Tertullian said, their blood became the seed of Church. There are also modern saints and martyrs who continue to become witnesses to the truth. They shed their blood for the Truth, which is Jesus Christ.

Unbelievers, skeptics and atheists may think that these Christians were fools. They lose their life for the sake of their faith in Jesus. Some even mocked their faith and even called God stupid. Martyrs seems to be fools in the eyes of men. Yet, these witnesses found the greatest treasure more precious than material wealth. No insult nor mockery can separate them from their faith because they already found the truth, the life-giving truth. Their willingness to give up their life for the sake of truth is a testimony of faith that sustains the Church. Their testimony is a shining example for us, that having a personal encounter with Jesus, we can do anything.

Modernity has offered us many truths. Many are claiming that they possess the truth. Yet, can these truths lead us to the light? Can these truths open our eyes from our selfishness to become aware of the suffering of our brethren? Can these truths liberate us from the shackles of addiction, hatred, anger and lust? Can these truths lead us to life? No! There is only one who is the way, the truth and the life! (Jn 14:6)

It is the Lord! It is Jesus Christ!


about the author

Bro. Ryan Jamemar A. Belono-ac. He is a seminarian of the Archdiocese of Manila. He is now on Vocation Synthesis Program under the guidance of Fr. Jason Laguerta in Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Sta. Mesa.

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