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Open: A Perspective Into Love

By Renee Catherine Nuyda

Oct 6, 2019

The movie Open (2019) is the story of Rome and Ethan who have been together for 14 years.

They are each others’ first and to the people around them, they are the perfect couple. But when their relationship goes stale, they explore the idea of being Open: the two begin to explore other relationships while expecting to keep the same thing they are giving up.

Open gives you an insight on love in its purest form. It teaches you that love isn’t just love for your significant other, it’s love for yourself.

The film isn’t the ordinary kind of “I’m gonna cheat on my partner” film because the moment you take a step back and see where the characters are coming from, what they want and what they need to lose go beyond their relationship.

Rome learns that loving yourself is as important as loving your partner. That as much as you are meant to give what your partner wants, you are also your own person, with your own purpose and your own life to live.

Meanwhile, Ethan teaches us that sometimes we feel that what we have isn’t enough because we are insecure of what others have that we don’t. We only see what we thought we didn’t have the moment we lose it; so when we lose it, was it really ours? And is that really the plan that God has for us? These are the questions that the movie asks.

The Film will make the viewer ask questions re open feelings and make yourself wonder, “Am I really worth it?”, “Am I enough?”

And by the end of the movie, the moment you see Rome walking out and choosing herself, you will realize that you are.

It’s not the most conventional story told. Each character holds his own insecurities. But Rome used her insecurities to become a better version of herself while Ethan got stuck and lost sight of what was really important.

Open allows us to see that love is not always the thing that keeps people together. Instead, it’s their faith in one another, their faith on each other staying, their faith in their dreams whether found together or separately; it’s their faith in themselves and in their parents.

Our faith in this world holds us up, to accept not only the love we think we deserve but to accept the love that we should always have, the love for ourselves, and the love of God.

When you watch this film, you’ll realize that sometimes letting go is not all that bad because when you let go, you’ll realize that there is something better waiting for you at the end of the road.

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