Pope Francis will be giving an Urbi at Orbi blessing tonight.

Watch here:

Live from the Vatican

March 28 Sat 1AM Manila time (March 27 at 6PM Rome)

Just press play. Please note that this is a LIVE video so at the moment you may just see that nothing is happening yet. At the appointed time, you will see the ceremonies begin.

With English translation:

What is an Urbi et Orbi blessing?

The Urbi et Orbi address and blessing is the most solemn form of blessing in the Catholic Church, and is reserved for the most solemn occasions. These occasions include Easter, Christmas, and the proclamation of a newly elected pope concluding a conclave.

Urbi et orbi blessings are usually given from the central loggia of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, at noontime, and are broadcast worldwide. The address concludes with greetings in many languages in relation to the feast celebrated.

The Roman Catholic Church grants a plenary indulgence by the willful grace and intent of the Pope, on the usual conditions, to those who "devoutly receive" the blessing that the Pope imparts Urbi et Orbi.

For the special Urbi et Orbi blessing in this trying time due to COVID-19, Pope Francis will preside over a moment of prayer on the sagrato of St Peter’s Basilica, the platform at the top of the steps immediately in front of the façade of the Church. There will also be ceremony consisting of readings from the Scriptures, prayers of supplication, and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; and will conclude with Pope Francis giving the Urbi et orbi Blessing, with the possibility of gaining a plenary indulgence for all those who listen to it live through the various forms of communication.

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