Marian Devotion: Why Bother?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

by Kevin Joshua B. Cosme

This month of May, dedicated to the Blessed Mother, is a good time to think about the Church’s centuries’ old devotion to Mary and what she means to us on a personal level. Many of our Christian brethren don’t understand why we bother with Mary and the saints in the first place where we could be going directly to Jesus instead.

Here are four of my answers to the question as to why we should bother with Marian devotion at all. Take a deep breath as you’re in for a pretty long dive!

Our Lady of the Eucharist


Mary has been given numerous titles throughout the centuries, many of which like “Mother of Perpetual Help” and “Our Lady of Guadalupe” are familiar to us Filipinos. But her arguably greatest title, and the basis of all her prerogatives, is her claim to being the “Mother of God”. It is so pivotal that we celebrate it as a solemnity on January 1, the start of each calendar year.

Admittedly, the term “Mother of God” has raised not a few eyebrows. The title goes all the way back to 431 AD, when the Council of Ephesus declared Mary as “Theotokos,” a Greek term meaning “God-bearer” or more colloquially, “Mother of God”. At its heart, it does not actually propose that Mary is God but that Jesus is God. If the man Christ is also God, then Mary, who conceived and gave birth to Christ, is rightly called the Mother of God. Note that mothers do not create their children, because creation is something only God can do. So it is appropriate to call Mary the Mother of God because she conceived, bore, and raised Jesus, whom we Christians profess as being fully God and fully man in one person.

I once posted a tribute to my own mother on Facebook and was pleasantly surprised when it was met with overwhelming approval. People showered my mother with praises. They said she looked like a certain actress and that I was fortunate to have such a good mother. Did I perhaps take offense because of all the attention she was getting? Of course not! On the contrary, I was smiling from ear to ear as I went through the comments, delighted that people were recognizing her. Is it not the same with God when He sees us praising His mother?