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International Mission Symposium Begins

by Roseberry Dulla

Press Coordinator, CBCP Mission - National Mission Congress 2022

The 2nd National Mission Congress launches the 2-day International Mission Symposium on April 18, 2022 online.

The speaker of the 1st Conference entitled “New Directions of Missio Ad Gentes in the Changing Mission Frontiers of our Time” is Fr. Stephen Bevans, SVD from the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, USA. In his session, Fr. Stephen gave a brief background of the direction of the mission during the time of the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines and how the Second Vatican Council changed its direction by highlighting the line “the pilgrim church is missionary by its very nature” which shifts the mission from ad gentes to inter gentes. He emphasized that the shift in direction is not just focused on geography but it is a move towards the people since the frontiers of our times are not the frontiers of place but the frontiers of people especially in the peripheries. He concluded the session by sharing his realization that the commitment to the new sense of mission as inter gentes done in prophetic dialogue is the future of mission.

After the 1st conference, everyone was entertained by different artists and talents fron the Archdiocese of Cebu.

Soon after, everyone was led to the introduction of the 13 concurrent sessions (CS) and its respective speakers. The sessions are as follows:

CS 1: Laity in Mission by Michael “Shok” Ariola

CS 2: Women in Mission by Sr. Mila Montesa, FMM

CS 3: Migrants and Diaspora Mission by Fr. Favio Baggio, CS

CS 4: Mission and the Youth by Mr. Stephen Borja

CS 5: Mission in the Peripheries by Sr. Ananita Borbon, RGS

CS 6: Mission in the City by Fr. Andrew Recepcion

CS 7: Missio Inter Gentes and its Implications for Mission Theology Today

by Fr. Samuel Agcaracar, SVD

CS 8: Mission Among Indigenous Peoples by Sr. Aristea Bautista, FMM

CS 9: Communication in the Digital Age by Fr. Norman Peña, SSp

CS 10: Mission and Inculturation of Filipinos by Fr. Jose Vidamor Yu, LRMS

CS 11: Interreligious Dialogue by Pablito Baybado, Jr.

CS 12: Paradigms of Missionary Spirituality Today by Sr. Judette Gallares, RC

CS 13: 500 Years of Christianity in Cebu by Fr. Ramon Echica

Everyone is invited watch all 13 concurrent sessions that are uploaded and can be watched in the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Mission Facebook Page and Youtube Channel.

The night was ended with a cultural show by the Archdiocese of Manila.

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