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IN DEPTH Season 1: The First Missions to the Philippines

In Depth is an original talk show of Dominus Est wherein we seek to thoroughly understand Catholic doctrines, issues, events and get to know our saints and feasts better through in depth conversations with authorities on the subject matter.

In Depth Season 1

For our first season, joining in the celebration of 500 Years of Chritianity (1521 - 2021), we had in depth conversations with the superiors of the first 5 Orders that arrived in the Philippines: the Augustinians, the Dominicans, the Franciscans, the Jesuits and the Recollects.

In Depth is hosted by Fr. Jason Laguerta and Margaux Salcedo

In Depth on the Dominicans

August 7, 2020

Guest: Fr. Gerard Timoner, Master of the Order of Preachers

In Depth on the Franciscans

August 22, 2020