Vision 20/20: 20 Goals for the Catholic Church for 2020

by Fr. Jason Laguerta and Margaux Salcedo

with Clyde Nolasco, Jefferson Quintero, Bro. Jesus Madrid

To see Thee more clearly,

love Thee more dearly,

follow Thee more nearly.

- Day by Day

This 2020, let us see the Lord more clearly. Let us have 20/20 vision!

It may not mean having "perfect" vision but it does mean having a clear vision of what lies ahead.

In the words of Father Jason Laguerta, head of the Archdiocese of Manila's Office for the Promotion of New Evangelization: "We do not have the power to predict the future. But we can see the horizon. It is thus crucial to know where we stand and which direction we must go."

Here are 20 things we want to see more of and more clearly this 2020:

  • A 24/7 Church for the Poor

  • The Church as a Safe Space

  • Dialogues Towards Harmony

  • Action from the Laudato Si Generation

  • Evangelization from the Evangelii Gaudium Generation

  • See the Full 20/20 Vision Below ...

1. A 24/7 Church for the Poor

Is it possible to have a church that never closes its doors? That does not have opening and closing hours?

It is!

Just last December 9, 2019, the first church in Italy that is now open 24/7 was inaugurated: The church of the Santissime Stimmate di San Francesco, or Holy Stigmata of St. Francis.