Bro. Jesus Madrid

He is a seminarian from San Carlos Seminary. A sinner yet called to be companion of Jesus. A joyful follower of Jesus and started serving when he was 12 years old.

He is a Social Media evangelizer through facebook page “Tularan si Jesus.” He also likes playing basketball, watching movies and watching series.

One day, our professor asked if ever we saw his “baul” that he left in the seminary years ago. It contains important documents and papers that reminds him of his seminary journey. Sadly, it cannot be found.
He expressed his sadness and frustrations and just told us of the stories behind the documents inside the baul. Later on, I realized that somehow each of us became “a baul” that now carries his stories. We became bearers of his memories and significant stories of his seminary journey.
Becoming a Baul, I think is the invitation of Jesus, that we become bearers of His Word. As we hear, read, and reflect on His life we too may become bearers of his life to the world. This column is my “baul”. Baul of my many encounters with Jesus. This baul seeks to offer light and inspiration that comes from the Lord.

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It is the Lord!


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